Juicing and Blending

Juicing and Blending


Dr. Lisa Marsh is a renowned Chiropractor and Comprehensive Wellness Practitioner. Since 1996, Dr. Lisa has been treating patients using natural medicine, nutrients and holistic treatments. She realized that her life's goal was helping patients with more than neck or back pain. An important component in her thriving practice is to help people with the proper food choices. Nutrition is a big key to health! This online training program teaches you about valuable vitamins and minerals. You will learn the health benefits for various fruits and vegetables. You’ll also be given step by step downloadable recipes of how to produce delicious juices that will help you achieve your specific wellness goal! With all of the valuable information in this course, your body will appreciate your decision to learn more about juicing! Join the thousands of people who were amazed at the benefits of this program. You will also be amazed with how quickly you will start feeling lighter, your thoughts clearer, and you will have more energy than you could imagine. Whether your motivation is detoxification, fighting disease, weight loss, more energy or just a healthier life style, this class will get you on track in with a new way of thinking about juicing for your health! Our goal is to help you reach your ultimate health and wellness goals, naturally!

Weight Loss

  • Introduction
  • Nutritional Values
  • Blending Vs Juicing
  • SkinnyShake
  • Basic Green Drink
  • Cucumber Melon Weight Loss Smoothie
  • Coconut Kale Green Smoothie
  • Chocolate Covered Cherry Smoothie
  • Mango Basil Smoothie
  • Joannes Green Smoothie
  • Carrot Kicker
  • Mixed Veggie
  • Tomato Lover
  • Easy Veggie Juice
  • Conclusion
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