12 Day Detox - Total Transformation Course

12 Day Detox - Total Transformation Course


  • How to kickstart a healthy weight loss program
  • How to eliminate toxic foods from your diet
  • Learn strategies to eliminate stress
  • Learn how sugar creates inflammation and poor health


Experience the Best your Body and Mind can be!

Learn how whole food, clean eating, and stress management not only supports your health, but your mind and sould as well. This is a holistic approach to health that looks at nutrition as well as body mind for overall health and wellness. This class will give you tools and tips to get you on a healthy path and give you a sense of well being.

Course Summary

Everything you consume during your 12-day Detox, is designed to give your body the best, most compact sources of nutrition. If you're trying to lose weight, this is the perfect kick-off! You'll recognize the real benefit to this system is cleansing and detoxing with good nutritious whole foods and not using chemicals or processed foods. You will learn how to set goals, use visualization to realize your goals, as well as solid nutritional education to give your body the best tools for leading a well life. This course includes a workbook, recipe book, daily lectures, daily focus activities to keep you on track, and daily visualizations to help shift body and mind.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Preparation for Your Detox
  • Module 2: Shopping for Health
  • Module 3: Setting your Goals
  • Module 4: Visualize your Success
  • Module 5: Water - The Key To Your Health
  • Module 6: Sunshine & Juicing
  • Module 7: Using Food to Decrease Inflammation
  • Module 8: Move Your Body
  • Module 9: Dry Brushing
  • Module 10: Caffeine
  • Module 11: Stress & it's harmful effects
  • Module 12: The addictive Drug Called Sugar
  • Module 13: What to do after your detox
  • $365.00

    • Level:  Beginner
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